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We all have days when we just don't feel like writing anything. To leap over that hurdle, sometimes it is better to step away from what you are supposed to be writing and do a short and easy inspiration exercise. If writing an article or blog post is a difficult task for you, you can use the best paper writing service.

A great way to get your creative juices flowing and increase your productivity is to choose a snapshot and simply write about that picture for ten minutes. The free flowing thoughts while you write about the picture allow you to get into a creative mood, a descriptive mood and a "feeling" mood. Writing about a photo of your favorite vacation will put you into a mood of relaxation and will allow the writing you need to do to happen.

Getting through a lack of motivation or the utter despair of writers block is often remedied by simple inspiration exercises such as the photo free writing exercise. The idea of being able to write whatever slips into your mind seems to free you up so that moving on to an article or other paying writing comes much easier.

Involve your senses in your writing

Don't allow a feeling of being uninspired or tired of writing about a certain topic or in a specific style to ruin your productivity. Simply step around the challenge and go in a different direction for a little while to allow your brain to get in the mood. Once you've found your creativity and your inspiration then you can get back to the work part of writing. You can then enjoy the feeling of being inspired, refreshed and ready

Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, a memoir or an article, you can utilize all five of your senses to help with descriptions and feelings. For example when writing of the beach, you can use the sensation of sinking your toes into the hot sand to find cooler damper sand underneath, the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves breaking, the colors of sun, sand, birds and water all together. Even the most basic descriptive paragraph can be made more realistic by getting in touch with your senses.

In conclusion

Imagine writing an article about how to make a roast chicken. You need to include the basic directions but you can make it even better for your readers by describing the crisp roasted skin, the flavor and aroma of the herbs and seasonings you added, and the way the scent will float through the house making everyone's mouths water. Explain the juicy richness of the tender chicken and the texture of each piece of meat.

No matter what you are writing, take a few moments to see how you can involve your senses to make the image really come alive. Consider some of the greatest books in history are those filled with details that make readers feel as if they are experiencing the same things as the characters, from odors to tastes and sights to sounds. What would classics such as Sense and Sensibility be without the descriptive turns of phrase that made readers feel as if they were sitting in the parlor with the characters?

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